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Lifestyle Homes Within City Centre of Kampala

Apartments have become very popular. More and more people prefer to live in apartments, rather than in houses. Many communities are transforming into apartments around the world. Our beautiful country “The Pearl of Africa” Uganda is to see this change. More and more people day by day here in Uganda are opting for an apartment lifestyle.

There are many reasons for this. Everywhere around us, there are always new apartments coming up. Apartments are considered to be essential to city living. Apartments are generally more economical than building a house.

As Uganda’s population increases, the number of people wanting places to live also increases. This makes land a very expensive commodity. The land is a limited commodity and there’s so much that can be used for housing. Due to this, it is natural for house prices to go up. To circumvent this problem, apartments happen to be the best solution. Since apartments go vertical, they save a lot of space. One family living in one plot of land is economical and smart when many are living in that same space vertically. For first-time homeowners or young couples working their way up these apartments come as a boon.

For this and many other reasons, apartments have become very popular. This seems to only grow in the coming years.

  1. Location

Location is the key when it comes to apartments. Many of Uganda’s upcoming apartments are located far from inner-city suburbs, which makes it difficult for people to commute to and fro city suburbs for work purposes. Unlike that, the newest quality affordable homes from Mint Homes are located within city suburbs. These are suburbs with plenty to offer residents – proximity to the CBD, good schools, and shopping malls.

  1. Lifestyle

Another upside of the location is the lifestyle apartments frequently offer. Being close to the action means that everything is literally at your doorstep, from restaurants to cafes, theatres, Shopping malls, sporting facilities, and parks. It’s a totally different atmosphere.

  1. Maintenance

When it comes to an apartment, expect less maintenance than with a house. First off, they tend to be sufficient enough big, meaningless upkeep and cleaning. In new developments, it should also mean you’re moving into a brand new smart facility built to the very latest safety and quality construction requirements. Any maintenance issues with the building at large will be handled by the corporate body or shared responsibilities which is again a cost-effective means.

  1. Amenities

Apartment developers like Mint Homes Ltd come with facilities that you, as a resident of the building, have access to. Things like CCTV surveillance, swimming pool, elevators, gym, roof decks, jogging tracks, kids play area, and gardens. Making use of these facilities can be a great way to bond and live a secure happy life.

  1. Security

An apartment complex offers a certain amount of security – not just anyone can get in. There is security in place. Apart from that CCTV surveillance to is installed.

  1. Affordability

As pointed out above, an apartment is likely to be cost-effective than a house which is why it is a dream home for many first-time homeowners, young couples, and modern families. Having a small space means power costs are likely to lower. These days having a family day out on weekends can create a big hole in pockets but Mint Homes Apartments comes with all the wonderful benefits and lifestyle facilities like a swimming pool, health club, jogging tracks, kids play area within the facility that means you have free access to those facilities for which without Mint Homes Apartments you have to go out on weekends and pay for them.

Apart from that Mint Homes Ltd has tie-ups with all the major banks for home loan facilities. You can actually own home with Mint Homes Ltd at easy payment plans.

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