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Top 9 reasons why you should buy a condominium in Kampala 

Are you toying with the idea of buying a condominium in Kampala, but you are still undecided?

Well, Condominiums are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with agile young people stepping up into homeownership and keen to own homes they can easily manage payments with monthly installments.

Having the freedom to take long breaks from your home without worrying about thieves breaking into your home, living your life without worrying about rent at the end of every month, and worrying about finding another place to rent when your landlord announces a hike in rent.

All these give you great reasons for buying a condominium in Kampala.

What is a condominium? 

For starters, a condominium is a group of housing units, where each individual owns a unit, and all common areas such as swimming pools, parking lots, and play areas are owned communally. For example, some condominiums are adjacent to each other and unit owners share a wall, while some condominiums are located in high-rise buildings, and units are separated by floors.

In this article, we provide a quick insight into some of the benefits of buying a condominium in Kampala.

Benefits of buying a condominium. 

#1) Affordability

Affordability is one of the top benefits of buying a condominium in Kampala. It’s much cheaper to buy a condo compared to the average price of buying a house. Mint Homes offers 1 to 3-bedroom condominiums in city center prime locales at the price of UGX 110 million to 270 million. If you want to be a homeowner within a short period, a condominium may be just the best option for you.

#2) Flexible lifestyle

If you are tired of the costs of home improvement, then a condominium is the perfect fit for you. A one or two-bedroomed condo gives you a smaller space that is easier to manage and maintain without worrying about the high costs of home improvement.

#3) Pre-furnished 

One of the biggest benefits you will enjoy buying a condominium in Kampala is that most of them come pre-furnished with appliances such as refrigerators, cooking stoves, washing machines, and furniture. Although the cost of these appliances may be included in the sale of the condo, you still save time, money and avoid the hustle of hiring movers to transport your furniture and furnishings into your unit.

You simply move in find all these appliances already fixed.

#4) Access to social amenities 

Another key benefit of buying a condominium in Kampala is that several condominiums in Kampala provide access to a wide range of social amenities including swimming pools, gym and fitness rooms, bars, parking lots, and recreational facilities. If you are one of those people that wants a good life with the extras, and cannot afford to include these facilities by building your own home, then a condominium will offer you the facilities you want and the kind of lifestyle you want.

#5) Excellent Security 

Additionally, when you buy a condominium. Safety and security are guaranteed for all residents by the corporation. Condominiums in Kampala have gated entry points and security is managed by well-managed security companies and professionals. And if your work involves travel upcountry or even outside the country, your immediate neighbors will be available to watch over your property while you’re away.

Buying a condominium in Kampala would guarantee you safety and security because condominiums may not be an easier target for potential thieves.

#6) Lower maintenance and repair costs 

One of the main benefits of buying a condominium in Kampala is that you don’t have to worry about finding people to perform maintenance and repair works and paying them. Lawn maintenance, gardening, fumigation, plumbing, and garbage collection are performed by some other people.

Buying a condominium liberates you from the maintenances costs you would incur with owning a single home. With a condominium, costs are all covered by the fees you pay to the central fund. The fees paid to the Central Fund are an extra cost, but it allows you to enjoy your weekends and holidays spending no time worrying about repairs and maintenance.

#7) Sense of community 

Condominiums provide a sense of a closely-knit community and you may never feel alone because there will always be someone to smile too, someone to offer support, and a neighbor to invite you for lunch. Community amenities like swimming pools, the bars, and Sauna and coffee places add to the sense of a closely-knit community and if you don’t have a child as yet, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy the sound and company of the neighbor’s children playing in the park or riding through your pathway.

#8) Proximity to the City 

Buying a condominium in Kampala gives you access to public transportation, shopping malls, big restaurants, and hospitals. Besides, living close to the city would make it easy for you to go shopping and to visit restaurants.

#9) Appreciation in value

Most, condominiums in Kampala are located in the upscale parts of the city. The strategic location gives the condos a higher appreciation rate hence giving you a good return on investment.

Final thoughts 

There is no doubt that you are making a great decision to buy a condominium in Kampala. The benefits of a condominium for young families and busy professionals are quite liberating. As you can see the benefits of buying a condominium in Kampala are numerous and quite enticing.

Contact Mint Homes to find out more about buying and owning a Condominium in Kampala.