Apartments Vs Condominium in Uganda

Condominiums are a type of living space that is not as expensive as a house in the suburbs. These apartments are also more affordable than renting an apartment.
Condominium in Uganda is often smaller, but they have all the amenities of a house such as a kitchen and living room. They also usually have shared laundry and storage facilities on site.
The main difference between condominiums and apartments is that you own your condo outright – it’s not rented to you. You can buy it or rent it out for profit later on, which means there’s less risk for people who are looking for a long-term investment property.

Condominium in Uganda is designed to be more affordable, and they offer the best value for money. Just like Garden Towers is offering.

A condominium is a type of property that is owned by an individual and shares common spaces with other people who also own their own units. Condominiums can be found all over the world, but they are most popular in Asia, Latin America and Uganda.

The advantages of owning a luxurious condominium in Uganda just like Kisasi Heights are that it offers the best value for money, it’s cheaper than buying an apartment or a house, and you have access to shared amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, parking facilities etc.

What differentiates an apartment from a condominium in Uganda?

What is the difference between apartments and condominiums while looking for a place to live? So, here’s a brief explanation of what sets distinct an apartment from a condominium.

Apartment and condo ownership.

Ownership is the primary distinction between the two.


When it comes to an apartment complex, all the homes are normally owned by a single company or other body, which then rents them to tenants. The complex is managed by the business, and there are tight rules about what tenants can and cannot do within their apartments. For instance, some restrictions prohibit having pets, throwing parties, and renting out your apartment without authorization.


The homes in a condominium complex are owned by many people, who band together to form a body corporate, sometimes known as an owners corporation. They are responsible for their own residence and pay fees into a common budget for repairs and maintenance, but they must adhere to the by-laws established by the body corporate. These complexes are typically more laid back.
Condominium in Uganda


In general, the person in charge of doing repairs and maintenance in an apartment building differs from the person in charge in a block of condominiums.

Each residence has a staff person who is compensated to maintain common spaces and make repairs.


A property manager is employed by an apartment building. This is a dedicated employee who receives compensation for maintaining common spaces and performing repairs within each residence.

They typically pay rent on the property and reside on the premises. They are responsible for the plumbing, electricity, and pest management in each individual unit.

They also take on the duties of garbage pickup and security, as well as the enforcement of the apartment complex’s laws about what tenants are permitted to do.


You do not have a property manager if you reside in a condo. You have a body corporate instead, which consists of owners. Although the body corporate is in charge of overseeing maintenance on common spaces, it typically contracts other companies to handle pest control, plumbing, and landscaping.

The upkeep of individual apartments, however, is the responsibility of the owners. This implies that if you buy the home, you will need to take care of upkeep and repairs yourself. If you rent, you will need to call your landlord or a real estate agent for help.

Size and style

There are many differences between apartments and condos, and there are no standards for how they should be built. There are a few physical cues that can help you tell one from another, though.


An apartment building can usually be identified by its uniformity. The interior design and characteristics of every home in the complex are essentially the same.

Apartment buildings frequently feature a foyer and swipe-activated doors, which greatly increase security. Calm Condos.

Each condo inside frequently looks like a detached home. The materials utilized and the appliances provided will vary, as well as the layouts.

Extra features

The kinds of amenities in apartments and condos are not supposed to differ in any way. However, apartment buildings frequently contain more opulent additions due to their expert administration.

These can include amenities like gyms, elevators, rooftop BBQ areas, spas, and saunas—all of which are occasionally found in condominiums. They frequently also post a list of restrictions at the elevator or building entrance.

Wrap Up:

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